Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman And the Business of Asset Liquidation

We beat others to the punch in the area of asset liquidation. Many companies make you think they can handle the process without any stress but in the end they fail in their responsibilities. This process appears to be very challenging for many business owners. If you have gone through the process before, then you would easily understand why they broke down completely while selling off their assets. Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman account on Dailymotion informs you on how we handle our store closing and why we will always remain ahead of others in this field. You can trust Jay Findling to handle your store closing perfectly for one or two reasons.


Tips And Tricks

What most dealers don’t know about asset liquidation is that it is a game of negotiation, and the party with the upper hand will smile home after the deal. That is why it is important you understand the tips and tricks behind such negotiations. If you ever get yourself involved in such business transactions without knowing how the business is run, then you will be in for some trouble. You are bound to get yourself ripped off in the process. Dealers are always looking for ways to rip the hell out of you. They don’t care about anything but how they can make their profits. J Finn Industries Handles Store Closing Through Jay Findling Presentation on Slideshare is just what you need to understand some of these tricks that can help you in this area of business.

Liquidating your assets may be like the end of an era for someone like you, but for us we do it every now and then. All you have to do is take a back seat and relax very well while we take care of everything. From taking inventory of all what you have to the last process, which is the shipping of the goods to the new owners, will be fully taken care of by J Finn Industries, LLC.


  1. After a couple of success stories from business friends, I decided to give Jay Findling a shot, and the whole effort was worth it.


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